About Cluster

Who we are


An initiative created by the leading component manufacturers for the automotive industry. The founders of the Cluster initiative were KOSTAL, LEONI, SEBN, Kromberg & Schubert, VD MAIS, Spheros Elektron, as well as the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. UAC is a platform that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, service companies, educational institutions, research institutes, associations and government agencies.

Vision | Startegical goals

  • To position Ukraine as part of the European Automotive Hub.
  • Promoting production localization in Ukraine; attracting OEMs.
  • Creation of favorable conditions for doing business in the automobile industry of Ukraine.
  • Development of education and competent personal for the automotive industry.
  • R&D, industry innovation and new business models.

Our mission

  • be a reliable partner for European automotive brands;
  • professional education;
  • сreate a positive image of the automobile industry in Ukraine;

Ukraine as a reliable location for suppliers of the automotive industry, an attractive employer and driver of innovation development.

Steering Committee